Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Vegetable hate

Right now, while reading TV recaps, I am eating lucnh. Which is mainly, pureed carrots and potatoes. Seriously, a vegetable puree. Baby food. I hate vegetables. I'll eat the occasional leafy green if it's cooked properly and not mushy as hell, but other than that, the vegetable has to be disguised in some way in order for me to eat it and not gag. Funny isn' t it? And the lack of veggies, is making em sick. So one of my newest quirks is now to make pureed vegetables and just eat the whole baby foodish lot. I like baby food. Alot. So well, hey, whatever works, right? So far my two favourites have been broccoli potato and carrot potato. Potatoes rock, they make everything taste better. Right, now that I'e finished my five minuts of daily grossing out, it's back to the normal program.