Friday, July 08, 2005

Birthday disasters

So I turned 19. The big 1-9. It was not a good birthday by any definition. Things were not going well in my life and I didn't really feel like celebrating. So what does a person do when she does not feel like celebrating? She bakes.

There was a recipe for a red velvet cake posted on chocolate and zucchini and seeing the lovely picture of the cupcake there, I knew I had to have the cake for my birthday, red cake, white frosting and heart shaped sprinkles. I nicely nicknamed the cake 'The Hannibal lecter Cake' for it's bloody coloring. The cake turned out well, interestingly. Apart from being the moistest cake I've ever baked (Thank you tofu sour cream), it was a weird bloody shade of red, which suited me fine, but had a metallic after taste from the coloing, which did not suit me at all. And it gave me a stomach upset. Out it went.

So into the picture came the Bacteria Rod cake. Do you see a theme here? I got the idea for the Bacteria Rod cake from the veg*n forums. The Bacteria Rod cake is actually a coffetti cake which is white cake with rainbow sprinkles stirred in. And because the rainbow sprinkles look like bacteria rods, wll, that's how the cake got named. Anyway, both cakes turned out funny. The bacteria rod was decent while the hannibal lecter was weird. I'm gonna try again. One day.

By the way, you can totally tell I'm high now, can't ya? ;)


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