Saturday, April 16, 2005

Rainy afternoons and mango jam.

This afternoon was a rainy and boring one. I woke up from a nap after an assault on the supermarket and steaming and freezing vegetables earlier on. So somewhere between trying to figure out what to do and staring at the state of my fridge in despair, I realized that I had two mangoes which were all ready to go horribly bad if I didn't use them soon. The best thing to do when there are two of the mangoes and one of you is to turn it all into jam. Anyway, the mangoes were kind of sketchy looking all brown and spotted and slightly wrinkled. Not exactly prime eating out of hand condition.

Anyway, for a mango jam, dice up two medium sized mangoes, just slice it in any way possible when it comes to the seed. Measure out to mangoes and add an equal amount of sugar to it, or less if you're anything like me. Stir the whole lot until the mangoes are coated in sugar. Let it sit for an hour. When the hour is up, bring it to a boil on low flame and bring it to a boil, stirring ever so often. Skim off any foam that might turn up. Keep stirring and boiling for about fifteen minutes or maybe a little more. Chill a plate in the freezer and drop a little bit of jam on the plate. When it sets, the jam is ready. If not, just keep cooking and testing until the jam sets. Pour boiling water over a glass jar and its cover. Dry it well and spoon the hot jam into it. Cover and let it cool. I store my jam in the fridge because well, this is the tropics and I'm paranoid about nasty bacteria. The chilled plate idea came from Clotilde on


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