Friday, April 01, 2005


For some reason, everytime I try to cook something other than pasta and a few other things I can cook, it always goes a bust. Sunday night was sort of a bust. Stuff didn't work out, I derailed. Today, I wanted to have a wild salad and tomatoes with herbed goat's cheese sandwich. Didn't work out either. I was still carsick and my blood sugar dipped again so raw food was a no-no. The goat's cheese tasted horrid, the sort of after taste you get when eating mutton and the French bread was all yeasty. Remind me that no matter how nice Delifrance looks, never, ever, ever buy bread from them. Because I know I won't like it. Oh well, I should have know better than to buy cheese at cold storage when I have the tried and true route of going to carrefour. Why can't this country have places where you can buy decent cheese and French bread without paying your right arm, leg and crediting your firstborn's soul? And I mean cheese as in proper cheese like Brie or goat's cheese or fresh mozzarella. Not Kraft's singles. And not the yellowish mozzarella that comes shredded and frozen in packets or in vacuum sealed blocks. Those are for pizzas, I want to eat white mozzarella cheese, thank you very much. And also, to the lady at the deli counter at the Robinson's Cold Storage: When I was asking you what exactly the black stuff on the goat's cheese was, I wasn't asking you to keep pushing me to buy it. I want to know what the heck the black stuff was. It's not a cue for you to keep repeating the question "You want how much?" at me like a broken record. Please try to know something about what you're selling. I'm having a grumpy day. But on a lighter note, coconut praline chocolate I made on Sunday afternoon is absolutely delicious. It's a little on the rich side, but I suppose I could thin the coconut milk out a little. And uh, lighten up on the sugar as well. I've got a thing against sugar.


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