Friday, March 25, 2005

Party alert!!!!!

Heh, heh, heh. I may end up having a friend over on Sunday and we're gonna cook. Well, what else can we do? My mind is running amok with insane ideas of what to do, and more than half these ideas are dessert ideas. I love putting together desserts. For some reason, I think dessert ingredients are easier to work with and make pretty than other stuff. My next favorite kind of food to make would be appetizer. Food from these two catergories have the most potential to be made pretty. You can tweak, arrange, play around and it'll all come out looking really, really pretty. Not to mention the amazing colors that will come together. Or maybe it's the hot weather. Not sure. But I'm getting some shot glasses tomorrow and there'll be experimenting in the kitchen with lemons, mint and agar-agar. Whoop! Oh god, a girlfriend is asking me to go party with her tomorrow. I shouldn't be going, right? Well, my judgement is severely lacking but I am. Gah.


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