Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The one where she goes positively nuts.

Kinokuniya is a Japanese bookstore in Singapore. To my knowledge, there is one at Bugis Parco and another one at Ngee Ann City. The one at Ngee Ann City is my playground. It is a positively gigantic place with enough books to keep me happy for my entire life. I discovered that bookshop while shopping for my school books and discovered many little gems there, books I thought would never exist in Singapore existed there. And while the literature section is my heaven, I also discovered the food and drinks section this afternoon. And guess what? They stocked every single cookbook I've been lusting over for the past year.

1. Mrs Lee's Cookbook.

Not to be confused with The New Mrs Lee's cookbook. It's something I've always noticed in my dad's cookbook cupboard although he acquired a copy of The New Mrs Lee's Cookbook lately. I've been lusting after this cookbook because I want to cook like my dad and also, it's like an introduction to local-ish cooking things for me. For example, how to season a motar and pestle and also a nice long list of spices and other ingredients in all four local languages. I don't have to figure out what word for something like fenugreek is here any more. While I'm pretty fluent with 'western' cookbooks and cooking, I am a clueless idiot when it comes to anything Asian.

2. The Candle Cafe Cookbook.

Ever since I started my trip on vegetarianism and my little sister became vegan, I've been hanging around a vegetarian forum board. And one of the cookbooks everyone raved about was The Candle Cafe Cookbook. Considering how amazingly un-vegan friendly Singapore was, I did not expect to ever be able to pick up a copy of this cookbook locally. And I nearly had a heart attack when I saw it on the shelf at Kino. Which leads me to...

3. The millennium restaurant Cookbook and The Moosewood restaurant Cookbook

Ditto for those two as well. The Moosewood restaurant one has a chocolate cake recipe that according to most people in the forums, is to die for. You won't even know it's vegan because it is Just That Good. That recipe is one of the first ones I will try the minute I get my kitchen refitted this June. As for the millennium restaurant, it's apparently an amazing restaurant in California. I'm not sure which part but if I do take another 14 hour trip there again, I'm willing to make another two day long trip on the highway next to the coast to try it out.

And that is all. Although not waiting until June for a brand new kitchen would be nice. Also, a pestle and a motar, the kind that my dad and Jamie Oliver both have. And maybe a cast iron wok like the one my grandma left us. And loads of other nifty and cool kitchen equipment I can't wait to start collecting and using. I turn positively green when I go on Chocolate and Zucchini and see the posts about the mandolin slicer and the blowtorch. Why can't I live in a country where it wouldn't be illegal for someone to own a blowtorch?


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