Saturday, March 19, 2005

Galettes De Riz Complet

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I discovered rice cakes because of my little sister. Like I said, my little sister is a vegan, so when she comes back to Singapore, there's usually nothing in the house that she can eat and no one wants to stock up on vegan food for her anyway. It's lame-assed family food politics. So one vacation when she was back, she dragged me along to Jason's supermarket at Raffles city where she bought a shitload of things, one of which was Luxemburg(?) rice cakes. Those were good. And expensive. A pack of 13 rice cakes went for something like SGD5. Ouch? Yeah. So the other day I was at Carrefour, this supermarket which is supposedly French and carries stuff from France and other stuff for really low prices. I love Carrefour for one thing. Cheap organic food. The organic food there is usually half the price that you'll get outside I happened to come across the house brand organic rice cakes. Yummy. And also, blueberry preserve, rhubarb preserve, boisenberry jam, pear jam and strawberry preserve. Didn't buy any of those because I liked my jams sugar free, but hey, cool. The rice cakes are as good as I always remembered them to be. I eat them with peanut butter and sugar free strawberry jam. Hamlet, my hamster eats them plain and he eats them very fast. I wonder if replacing bread with rice cakes makes me a tree hugging hippie? Hmmm.


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