Sunday, March 13, 2005

Chutney Mary

Buying a hamster cage is tiring business, especially if you're me. I went to the Pet Lover's Center at Tampines Mall. To get home, I either have to take a bus No.10 or take a train two stops down the line and take a bus No. 14. Common sense would dictate that I take the bus No.10 and be done with it. But somehow, on the way to the bus interchange, I find myself inside the train station. On the platform, waiting for a train. What is wrong with that? And not only that, I actually missed my stop and ended up about two stops away. Right. My stop is the most un-missable one since it's an interchange and everyone sort of floods on. So by the time I lugged a hamster cage and 6lbs of bedding home, I was starving. And the first thing that came to mind was Indian food.

I have a longstanding love affair with Indian food. Apart from the fact that most Indian places are very vegetarian friendly, there's something about the spice that gets me everytime. So I think of the two Indian places down the road from me, I had a choice of Chat Marsala or Chutney Mary. I thought of going to Chat but then, Chutney Mary was on a stretch with more food places so if I didn't find anything, I could get something else. I got a takeout vegetable byriani. It was, well, disappointing. The first time I had vegetable byriani was in Cambodia. In Cambodia, when they say 'vegetable', they mean vegetables. It's something like French beans. cauliflower, potatoes, fresh peas and carrots with a healthy amount of tomatoes thrown in as garnish, all of it fresh. In Singapore, when they say 'vegetable' they actually mean 'frozen mix of peas, carrots and corn'. The byriani was spicy, filled with the mixed vegetables, cashews and sultanas. And a healthy dose of cilantro. I think I've fallen in love with cilantro. It adds such a great taste to everything. Dinner was filling and that was only half the container of byriani. And I think Chutney Mary is a good place for when I need something spicy and filling for dinner. It's nothing spectacular but it does the job and is pretty good.

Chutney Mary
719 East Coast Road. It's a few shops down from the coffee shop across the canal from Siglap Centre.


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