Sunday, March 06, 2005

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According to the Mariam-Webster Online Dictionary:
Vegetarian: One who believes in or practises vegetarianism
Vegetarianism: the theory or practice of living on a diet made up of vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, and sometimes eggs or dairy products

A year ago, I developed an obsession for reading blogs. And I discovered food blogs. And I was hooked. So I thought that it was time to add my own two cents to the great WWW about food, et viola! This blog was born. Food is something which amuses me no end. The shopping for ingredients, the creation and putting together of something and all the artistry involved in it. Also, there's this insane obsession with kitchen equipment, I love cool and weird looking kitchen equipment so much, our relationship borders on unhealthily-obsessive.

Some trivia about me. I'm a Singaporean, I do English Literature in college and am a vegetarian as well as a feminist. I don't burn bras, but I don't wear them either. Most people's perception of a vegetarian would be someone who lives on salads and weird foods. And from most eateries I've been to here, they seem to think that vegetarians have no tastebuds. Even the vegetarian eateries are guilty of that. I don't eat meat or drink milk. Aside from milk being one of my body's worst enemies, I also have a problem with the non-existent ethics of the dairy industry. Being a vegetarian food blogger would be seriously interesting. It's an adventure I can't wait to cook and blog through, armed with cookbooks, food blogs and a kitchen.


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